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scjourneyerI made this card years upon years ago but only recently has its profound meaning unfolded for me.  I am seeing Journey now as an archetypal pattern that has always been present for me.

Who are you?

I am the idea/theme of Journeying.  Everyone is on a journey.  Others may accompany you on your journey, but it’s something that only you can do.

Your life’s journey is yours to take, it is your responsibility and yours alone.

My message for you today is this: there are times to pause and rest, and times to stand up and move forwards. Know which is which.  Be sure that you are giving yourself enough of each.

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scaddictcouncilThis is a card I made recently to  honor the archetypal energy of Addiction that has been with me since I was very young, in one form or another.  Addiction is a theme or pattern that has shaped my life over the years.  This is different than my Inner Addict which is another card altogether (stay tuned!).

Addiction was a pattern in my family from before I was born- grandparents on both sides were alcoholics. This shaped my parents in that they didn’t drink a drop of alcohol, and the reason for it was always made clear to us.

I developed an addiction to sugar at a very young age and this has continued throughout my life until the past two years when hypoglycemia has had me facing my own addiction and coming to terms with it.

In my 20’s and 30’s I was in a serious, intense relationship with an alcoholic and this led me into 12-Step programs such as Al-Anon and ACOA where breaking free from my addiction to the addicted was a huge theme for me for many years.

So you can see that this Archetype of Addict has played itself out in my life in many ways.

Here is what this Neter said to me recently:

I am the one who has been with you from the beginning.  I have colored your world with darkness and cravings and hunger and need and want.  I am the one who seduced you into eating what your body did not need in order to satisfy the longing of your spirit.

I am the one who was trying to care for you by feeding your emotions instead of urging you to feel what you were feeling.  I am the one who held you to me and convinced you there was no one else but me. 

What I have to say to you today is this: remember our story.  I am still present in your life but I have a different intent and purpose now.  Now, when you feel me drawing you in, pulling you close… know that this is a signal that there is something out of balance, something that needs your emotional attention.  And pay attention to that instead of toe me. 

My best intention is to care for you.  But you now know that caring for yourself involves honoring and feeling all your feelings instead of tamping them down with food.  It is quite a journey we have been on all these years, you and I.  Learn from it.

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I do have a card in my deck for the part of me who believes in prayer, the part of me who prays.  You can see it here.  That card is more of a Committee card, an inner voice that represents a part of my inner self, my personality.

This card is also about Prayer, but Prayer with a capital P.  I made it intuitively and when I let it speak to me, it was talking about prayer in a very different sense.

I am the one who stands for every prayer every prayed since the beginning of time.  I stand for the power of prayer that is present whenever anyone anywhere lifts their heart or voice to the Divine.

My message for you today is this: at the end of every meditation time, yoga time, or any Quiet Time you create for yourself, add some prayer. Seek inner changes. Pray for yourself as well as for others.

Ask for what you need; it is always given. 

The language that this Neter used when I asked it who it was, referred to something larger than myself, something larger than that one individual part of me who prays.  This sounds more archetypal to me, so I have place it in my Council Suit of my deck.

Do you believe in prayer? Do you have cards in your deck for the part of you who prays AND for the concept of prayer that is applicable through all times and all cultures and all beings?  Why not seek out some images and create them soon.

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Cosmic Wheel of Fortune

Cosmic Wheel of Fortune

Who are you?
I am the one who eagerly leans forward and spins the bright, jeweled Cosmic Wheel of Fortune.  I am the one rising out of the jeweled lotus.  I am the one who eagerly awaits the result of the spin. 

I am the one who knows that WHEREVER  the Wheel of Fortune lands, I will receive something bright and valuable. 

My message for you today is this- Spin, play the game of life with wild abandon, pleasure, and an absence of fear.  There is NO WAY you can LOSE at this Cosmic Wheel of Fortune. 

Wherever you land is the perfect gem for you at this time.  Always look for the jewel of each place that you “land.”


NOTE FROM ANNE MARIE: I made this card years ago, totally intuitively. It’s been in my deck at least four years, and for the first time, it showed up in one of my Every-Other-Daily readings this week.  I had completely forgotten about it, but what a powerful and timely message I received today!

SUGGESTION: Don’t give up on cards you make that sit in your deck for a loooooong time. They will show up at exactly the right time with exactly the right message, even though you don’t know what it means when you are making the card.

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Fear- We are the ones who are afraid. We are the ones who were installed in your inner world by your mother.

Fear- We are the ones who are afraid. We are the ones who were installed in your inner world by your mother.

We are the ones who are suspicious and afraid.  We are the ones who haunt you from your past.  We are the ones who haunted your mother and her mother and her mother and on into your own ancient history.

We are the ones who are frozen in our fear.  We are the ones who hide behind shuttered windows and rarely look out to see what is really true.

Our message to you today is this: fear is an illusion.  Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. You are deeply afraid of many things- death, deep love, rejection, letting go, surrender.  You are deeply afraid of succeeding as well as failing.  These are all learned fears.  They do not belong in your new, light and airy inner “home.”

When we appear, it is time to pay attention to what lies you are being told by these old and ancient fears.  When we appear, it is time to bring yourself back to the present, back to the light and reality of your NOW.  Your fear of the Great Belovedness is heavily stopping you on your journey and it is time to now see that fear for the Lie that it is, and move beyond it.

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