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Here are two different cards about the idea of Journeys.  I made the first one about 10 years ago. In the last few months, I made the second card and and was delighted to hear about this Neter’s different aspect of life journeying:

scjourneyerI am the Journeyer.  I am the one who is on a Journey through life.  No one can take your journey but YOU.  There are times on your journey when you are moving forward and times when you are sitting still and pausing.  There are sunny days and stormy days and also cold, lonely days.  No one can walk your journey but you.

My message for you today is this- be proud of YOUR journey.  It is uniquely ours and you are journeying well.



We are the ones who are journeying TOGETHER!  We are the ones who are each on our own individual quest, our own unique journey, but we have found that the journey is easier and more FUN when we hook arms and travel with others who are on similar journeys.

Our gift to you is the knowing that you don’t have to journey alone.  We give you camaraderie along the way.  We give you companionship.  We give you shoulders to lean on and partners for the long haul.

We need you to remember that even though YOU are the only one who can travel your journey, there is no need to shut yourself off from others.  Ask for help. Ask for others to share their journeys with you too.  There is much to gain from offering your hand to others as you journey onwards.

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Schermit_1 When I first made this card, I had no idea what she represented. I only knew that every placement of every item felt absolutely “right” to me.  It only became clear to me who she is after doing the interpretation that follows:

Who are you? I am the wild feathered one who dances in the forest alone.   I am the one who is at home in the woods.  The trees are my friends.  I am the one determined to remain alone in these woods, in my home in the trees.  I find light and mystery and surprise in my alone-ness.  I find my strength and passion in solitude.  Behind the doors of my soul is where all of the answers lie, and these doors are accessed through solitude only.  My freedom comes from being alone.  I am free here in the wilderness of my Self, to dance and sing and be exactly who I am, to discover who I am, to revel in the beautiful mystery of my Soul’s expression.

What do you have to give me? I give you a deep yearning for solitude.  I give you a wild imagination for soul-searching.  I give you freedom.

What do you want from me? I want you to never be ashamed of your need for solitude.  It is more than a passing need, it is an integral part of who you are.

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Scvulnerable When I first made this card a while ago, I thought it was a Committee card, for the part of me who can be as vulnerable as a child.

Then when I drew it in a daily reading and did some journaling/dialoguing with it, I discovered that it is a Council card, more like a Spirit Guide.  From what it “said” to me, it seemed to be bigger than just one of my inner parts.

I love surprises like this!  There is so much wisdom and strength emanating from this card.

Who are you? I am the one who is soft like a baby, soft as an innocent baby rabbit, who tiptoes joyfully into your heart and gladly gives flowers and gifts to anyone who wants to receive.  I am the one who was present at the beginning of the universe.  I am the one who knows it is okay to be vulnerable, open to the vastness of feelings that the universe offers.  I am the one who knows it is completely and utterly okay to give (everything), and to love (fully) with the innocence of a child.

What do you have to give me? I give you the gift of vulnerability, for it is indeed a gift to be open and pure in your feelings.  It is a gift to open yourself and reveal your innermost soul to the universe.  I give you the pure emotions of pain and heartache and grief, for sometimes these come as a result of loving so purely and so fiercely.  But I also give you the emotions of joy and tenderness and love, and I give you safety and acceptance too.  I also give you people you can be vulnerable with.

What do you want from me? I want you to let go of the safety rail and step out into the vast openness that comes to your soul when you choose to be vulnerable.  I want you to know that the only way to true safety and freedom is to take the risk to be truly vulnerable with others.

What are you saying to me right now, today, about my life? When you love someone or something deeply, you open yourself up to be in a soft, vulnerable place.  This is a GOOD thing.  It is a beautiful thing to be able to love like that.  Don’t hold back your love from others because you fear the pain that occurs when they are gone.  Never hold back your love.  Open to it.  Give it. Always.  No matter what.

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scjourneyerI made this card years upon years ago but only recently has its profound meaning unfolded for me.  I am seeing Journey now as an archetypal pattern that has always been present for me.

Who are you?

I am the idea/theme of Journeying.  Everyone is on a journey.  Others may accompany you on your journey, but it’s something that only you can do.

Your life’s journey is yours to take, it is your responsibility and yours alone.

My message for you today is this: there are times to pause and rest, and times to stand up and move forwards. Know which is which.  Be sure that you are giving yourself enough of each.

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scaddictcouncilThis is a card I made recently to  honor the archetypal energy of Addiction that has been with me since I was very young, in one form or another.  Addiction is a theme or pattern that has shaped my life over the years.  This is different than my Inner Addict which is another card altogether (stay tuned!).

Addiction was a pattern in my family from before I was born- grandparents on both sides were alcoholics. This shaped my parents in that they didn’t drink a drop of alcohol, and the reason for it was always made clear to us.

I developed an addiction to sugar at a very young age and this has continued throughout my life until the past two years when hypoglycemia has had me facing my own addiction and coming to terms with it.

In my 20’s and 30’s I was in a serious, intense relationship with an alcoholic and this led me into 12-Step programs such as Al-Anon and ACOA where breaking free from my addiction to the addicted was a huge theme for me for many years.

So you can see that this Archetype of Addict has played itself out in my life in many ways.

Here is what this Neter said to me recently:

I am the one who has been with you from the beginning.  I have colored your world with darkness and cravings and hunger and need and want.  I am the one who seduced you into eating what your body did not need in order to satisfy the longing of your spirit.

I am the one who was trying to care for you by feeding your emotions instead of urging you to feel what you were feeling.  I am the one who held you to me and convinced you there was no one else but me. 

What I have to say to you today is this: remember our story.  I am still present in your life but I have a different intent and purpose now.  Now, when you feel me drawing you in, pulling you close… know that this is a signal that there is something out of balance, something that needs your emotional attention.  And pay attention to that instead of toe me. 

My best intention is to care for you.  But you now know that caring for yourself involves honoring and feeling all your feelings instead of tamping them down with food.  It is quite a journey we have been on all these years, you and I.  Learn from it.

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