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scunknown121613Who are you?
I am the one who is happy, smiling, content, present with myself. I am the one who is moving forward gracefully.  I am the one who is walking amongst the waterfalls.  I am the one who is looking down.  I am the one who is standing in the night under the light of a full moon.  I am the one with rainbow wings springing from my neck.

Where did you come from?
I came from Beyond. I came from Above. Above and Beyond is where I am from.

Why are you here?
I am here to remind you that some things are beyond explanation.  I am here to instill in you the truth that the Other Side (Above and Beyond) is a beautiful place and that there is nothing fear from us who seem unearthly or inexplicable.

What are you afraid of?
Ah, I fear nothing. There truly is nothing to fear. That is my message. To you and to all.

If you were in charge of my life, what would you have me let go of?
Let go of your worries and anxieties about death- your own and that of those you love. Let go of your grasping for explanations where there are none. Let go of your sadness. It is time!

What would you have me keep?
Keep, always, your sense of wonder about the mysteries of life.  Keep your openness to the possibility of other realms.



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scunknown121614Who are you?
We are the ones who are still standing amidst the broken pieces. We are the ones who have risen above the brokenness.  We are the ones who are whole even though hundreds of broken pieces are all around you.

What do you have to give me?
We give you the courage to stand tall and strong and beautiful even amongst all the brokenness around you.

When did you first appear in my life?
We became present to you during and after your first journey with cancer in 2002.  But we were also with you during your first big break-up in college.  You felt broken, shattered, and yet you rose strong and sure of yourself. We appear only when necessary.

What do you want from me?
We want you to find the beauty in the broken pieces.  We want you to know that no matter how much brokenness surrounds you, you are strong enough to stand in the midst of it.

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scdesertWho are you?
I am the one who faces the desert. I am the one who knows the desert is barren and dry but I have brought color and green growing things with me!

I am the one who has adorned myself with color. 

I am the one who says HA! and BAH! to the dry parched desert.

I am the one who waits patiently for the rain to come and quench the thirsty desert.

I am the one who doesn’t believe this is the end point of my life. 

I am the one who is present with this spaciousness, who knows that green living things can and do flourish in the desert.


Here is a poem I created using some of the words and phrases from the above as a springboard:

I face the final desert of my life
ahead of me all is parched

I am calm
I am patient
I hold myself to myself

I am ready to face the desert
I have smeared bright color
on my body
I carry green growing things in my hand

I am the one who doesn’t believe
this is the end point of my life
Life grows in the desert too


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scdragonflyWho are you?
I am Dragonfly, representing your 7th Chakra, at the crown of your beautiful head. I am reminding you of all things Spirit.  I am the one who is colorful, iridescent, ever morphing into more beauty.

Why have you come to me today?
I am here to remind you that I am ever present and that you can trust my presence and my connectivity to the wider Net.  Look at my wings in the image of the lower dragonfly- my wing are made up of a web, a net.

I am also here to remind you to your connectness to everyONE and everyTHING.


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