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Who are you?

I am the one who is buried beneath the ground, in the dirt. I am the one who rests and sleeps while growth occurs. I am the one whose limbs are growing, pushing up through the earth to the bright light of self-acceptance (see the lotus?). I am the one who is breaking free from the womblike darkness and pushing up to form new growth.

Once I break free, I am the one who is soaring high and I am the one who is free and light as air and full of joy and light.
What do you have to say to me today?

My message for you today is this: there is a time for both parts of this process– the being naked in the darkness below ground, AND the soaring high and free in the light and fresh air.  The gift is being aware of wherever you are in the process and being okay with that, understanding that both places complement one another on your journey.


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Who are you?

I am the one who has LET GO and yet I know I am safe because I am attached to Spirit.

I am the one who is relaxed and floating and held.

I am the one who trusts that Spirit is holding and will hold me always, in life as well as in death.

I am the one who has let go of the holding on. I am the one who is letting Another hold me instead.

I am the one who is free.

What is your wisdom for me today?

My wisdom for you today is this: you are in your own place of letting go now.  Continue to practice letting go. Let letting go be a practice.  Every day, as many times as you can. Let go of the negative thoughts, let go of the attachments to food, let go of your fears and doubts.  Breathe.  Ahhhh…. How does it feel to be held by Another?

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Goddess of Never Not Broken (seeing beauty in imperfection)

A while back, another SoulCollage Facilitator posted online about Akhilandeshvari, an ancient and relatively unknown Hindu goddess.   In Sanskrit, Ishvari means “female power,” or “goddess.”  And Akhilanda means essentially “never not broken.”

I was immediately struck by this and felt like this goddess has perhaps been watching over me at many critical moments in my life.  And so, of course… I felt led to make a card to honor her.

She showed up recently in a Daily Reading and here is what she said:

Who are you?

I am the one who is full of cracks.  I am the one who is not perfect. I am the one who has been broken apart and then put back together.  I am the one who has light streaming through my broken places.  I am the one who closes my eyes and knows that I am perfect exactly as I am, cracks and all. I am the one who accepts my imperfections.  I am the one who allows the light to shine out from the cracks in my body,. my my mind, my spirit.  I am the one who knows that even though I am broken, I am whole.

What is your message for me today?

My message for you today is this: sit in meditation a while today and focus on those parts of you that you are trying to force into healing, those parts of you that are imperfect that you are trying to change… and just be with them AS THEY ARE instead.

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sctvWho are you?
I am the one who loves to watch TV. I am the one who is entranced by the screen. I am the one who is watching STORIES!  I am the one who is relaxed and engaged and active.  I am the one who gets glimpses into other people, other worlds, other places, when I watch television.

What is your gift to me?
I want to remind you that it is okay to watch television. It is a tool for your growth. The stories you see there relax AND engage you in body and mind and spirit. Do not judge yourself for watching television.  I am an important part of your whole life. Stay tuned to me!  The TV screen is a portal to many other worlds. Watch. Pay attention. Absorb.

What happens when you are out of balance?
This happens when you watch TOO much TV or when you use it as an escape from feelings or important issues that you need to face. It also happens when you set about depriving yourself from programs that you love because you are judging yourself.

Is there anything else you have to say to me today?
Yes!  Some people you know look down on people who watch television because they say it isn’t a “spiritual activity.” I say that, for YOU, is IS a spiritual activity, because you have gained many insights from the characters you are drawn to on your favorite shows.

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scunknown121605Who are you?
I am the one who is the Keeper of the Treasures. I am the one who is sheltering the Treasures in my lap.  They are all right here.  I hold them until they are needed and then I shower them down to the earth.  I am the one who is proud and regal and sure of myself.

Where do you get the Treasures?

What do you mean, where do I get them?
I mean, where do they come from?

I always have them. I have always had them. They are always here.

Even when you give them away?

Yes, even moreso then.

But do you know who gives them to you?

The One Who Loves.

Ah. Yes.  And how are you calling me into the Larger Story of who I am?

YOU are a Treasure.  And I have  showered YOU onto the earth.  Keep this in mind as you go about your work and your teaching and your writing and your play.  Also know that you are called to be a Keeper of the Treasures for those in your community on earth.  Your gifts for those you love- your words, your prayers, the physical gifts that you give- these are all Treasures from the One Who Loves, sent THROUGH you.

Is there anything else you want to tell me today?

Remember that every gift you give is not just from you, but from me, and therefore from the One Who Loves.


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