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Issue #174   December 2019 Theme:  Holidays

Greetings, and welcome to Soul Songs, the official KaleidoSoul Newsletter, and the only monthly newsletter that focuses exclusively on SoulCollage® ideas, resources and artists.

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Soul Singing with Anne Marie
Anne Marie, the creator of 
Hi! I'm Anne Marie, the creator of, and a SoulCollage® Facilitator in Massachusetts and worldwide online. This column is all about presenting ways to get your soul singing with the deep, wide, wonder-full process that is SoulCollage®.

Light Up Your Holidays

Early on my journey with SoulCollage®, I created a card to honor my own feelings about “the holidays.” It has served me every year since, as it has a special place near our family Christmas tree.* This card reminds me of what I value and treasure the most about the holidays: light, warmth, joy, tradition, giving, and magic.

Your list might be different, and that's perfectly okay. It's a matter of taking a look at your own view of the holidays and deciding what takes priority for you this particular year.

It's so easy to get caught up in the frenzy of shopping and buying “perfect” gifts and baking dozens of cookies and trying to attend every holiday party. I have been there, done that, and it just doesn't “do it” for me anymore! After making this SoulCollage® card, I can see very clearly that I want my holidays to be about being rather than doing.

So to light up my own holidays, I am seeking out ways to bring light, joy, tradition, and magic to this month while honoring my need to simply be. It's a tricky balance to maintain, for sure, but it can be done.

Also, in seeking to honor these values throughout December, I try to pay careful attention to what is going on inside of me at any given moment. For example, Perfectionista, and Ethel (my Inner Critic), tend to get out of control during this season. If I am holding myself to the holidays that my mother used to create for us, then each of those inner voices have a lot to say about how I'm falling short, and this can drive me to distraction. Julianna, my Inner Child, tends to act out by overeating and compulsive shopping if I stop paying attention to her in the hustle and bustle of the season.

As long as I am aware of these Neters and what they are saying to me at any given moment, I find it much easier to remain true to my own spirit as reflected in my SoulCollage® card. At any time, I can bring forward other, brighter Neters to dialogue with Ethel, Perfectionista, and Julianna. These other Neters who are helpful to access during the holiday season (for me) are: Magical Child, Yogini, Going with the Flow, Mother Love, and Pausing.

* Please note that although I personally celebrate Christmas, your holidays might include Hanukkah, Kwanza, Solstice, or something else entirely. The idea here is to honor and celebrate whatever this holiday season means to you.

Time for Reflection

Do a card reading where you draw three cards randomly from your deck, asking this question: Who has wisdom to give me about how I can bring more joy and light into the upcoming holidays? Allow the three cards you’ve drawn to answer your question.

Editor’s Note: This essay is from Anne Marie’s book, Into the Heart of SoulCollage®: Diving Into the Many Gifts and Possibilities of SoulCollage®

Anne Marie Bennett is a SoulCollage® Facilitator / Trainer, published author, website goddess, and two-time cancer survivor who was mentored directly by Seena Frost. In 2005, she fell in love with SoulCollage® and was inspired to use her professional experience along with web technology as a means to serve the world by putting SoulCollage® "out there" in a really big way with KaleidoSoul. Anne Marie lives in eastern Massachusetts with her middle-aged husband and two adolescent felines who keep them hopping. Anne Marie’s books about SoulCollage® are available here.


The SoulCollage® Witness Card

60 minute SoulCollage® Zoom video class
with SoulCollage® Facilitator
Marti Beddoe from Illinois

Sunday, December 29, 2019

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Guest Columnist: Marti Beddoe

Dear Soul Songs Friends, I’m Marti Beddoe from Naperville, Illinois, a SoulCollage® Facilitator since 2007. It’s a joy to share my reflections on The Holidays and to offer you a special gift to celebrate the Holidays with family and friends. My commitment in the Soul Songs columns is to share what I’ve learned about ways to sustain lives of Meaning, Joy, and Beauty.

A Gift for the Holidays

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu.
(A person is a person because of other people.)
~ Zulu Proverb

Okagesamade (Because of you, this moment is possible.)
~ Japanese Zen

In America it’s the time known as THE HOLIDAYS. Like clockwork, I find myself a reluctant passenger aboard the dreaded Holiday Rollercoaster powered by the Ghosts of Holidays Past who do their best to turn my attention away from enjoying what is happening in the Present Moment.

Among the many Neters headlining my Holiday Season are my Neters of Starry-eyed Wonder; the Neter of Innocence Reborn; The One Who Dreads The Seasonal Darkness; The One Who Fears Scarcity of Resources; The One Who Judges Consumerism; The Wistful One Who Dreams her family story would resemble the happy story of the Hallmark/Lifetime Specials; The One Who Grieves departed Loved Ones; The Exhausted, Resentful One Who won’t ask for help; and the Joyful Grandmother returning to Childhood Innocence.


What Neters headline your Holiday Season? I encourage you to explore your deck or add more cards. 
  • Which Neters inform your experience of The Holidays?
  • Which Neters make The Holidays “Holy” and make you feel Whole?
  • Which Neters take you away from enjoying the Here and Now?
  • Which Neters support you to Be Here Now?
  • Which cards might you create for The Holidays?

This 2019 Holiday Season finds me inching into the Winter of my Life. Recently, I had a rare and delightful visit with my two-year-old great-grandson and his parents who shared that Noah will have a new sibling in February. How swiftly the calendar pages are turning now! Suddenly I realize how silly it is to allow the Ghosts of Holidays Past to take me away from the Joy of Being Here Now!

For as long as I can remember, the Neter of Gratitude for All My Relations is the most positive thread woven through this time of the year. That thread is what makes these days “Holy” for me. Whether it’s gathering with others at midnight in a house of worship or holding hands around a table in prayer or lighting a candle in memory of the departed or privately giving thanks to the Divine for my infinite blessings—sharing my grateful heart in community helps me become present to the Great Mystery. Healing and Wholeness of The Holidays flow into my heart.

My gift to you, dear SoulCollage® Family, is to share a Ritual of Giving Thanks that I introduced to my family many years ago. This is a wonderful way to help children “connect the Gratitude dots” in a way that is fun and doesn’t turn Gratitude into one more thing to nag kids about the way I did with my sons—“you may not go out for New Years until you show me that you have written your thank you notes,” and other heavy-handed efforts to teach them social graces.

After 25 years of observing my seven grandchildren and their friends, there is no question that children are naturally filled with wonder and joy. A child’s gratitude for life flows forth easily when they are connected with the natural world, their animals, new experiences, their friends and their loved ones. There’s no need to enforce thank you notes in these moments. The child’s pure gratitude is there for all to see!

We adults simply need to give children tools to consciously express their joyful appreciation. And most importantly of all, quit our griping and be models of gratitude ourselves. That’s where this Ritual of Giving Thanks comes in.

May you find Joy and Wholeness this year as you experience The Holidays. May you give yourself rest, and may you consider subtracting from your endless list of chores, from your melancholy memories, and from your fantasies of perfection. Instead, may you simply add your beautiful Presence to the Here and Now.

Pause and listen to your heart. Ask who needs the gift of your tenderness, your quiet listening, your stillness, your stories, your Lovingkindness. First give that gift to yourself. And then once you are filled up, proceed to experiencing The Holidays as a brand new gift!

May Peace be with you through the holidays and throughout 2020, dear friends. I share more thoughts about The Holidays in my November 26 essay, Contemplating the Beauty of Receiving.


NOTE: Please visit this page and scroll down to listen to the Okagesamade Meditation Practice, a Giving Thanks Meditation.

Since 2007, Marti Beddoe has been a SoulCollage® Facilitator and meditation teacher in the Kriya Yoga lineage. She is Founder of Designs for Peace, a service offering practices to support lives of Meaning, Joy, and Beauty. Her monthly essays, “Contemplating the Beauty of…”, consider the mysterious Beauty of various Neters. You may Subscribe here at the bottom of this page. You'll receive a fr*ee Harmony Self-Assessment. Marti facilitates Walking the Beauty Way Retreats and would be delighted to bring one to your area. Find out more here! She invites you to contact her at

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KaleidoSoul Creations
As promised, we are featuring ng SoulCollage® cards from our readers in each issue.

Each card below is a card from one SoulCollager's Deck that represents the Holidays.

Holiday: Kwanzaa
Council Suit

A family is like a forest: when you are on the outside it is dense; when you are inside you see that each tree has a place and position. ~ African proverb

We are the ones that hold space for you. We carry the gift of Sacred Time. Our message for you is: Come back to yourself. Return to your watering hole. Kindred spirits are waiting. They are the family that you already knew.

Winter Solstice
Wheel of the Year (Subsuit)
Council Suit

I am one who greets the winter solstice shining my sparkling light into the darkness. I am one who loves the glitter of stardust bringing light into the longest night’s darkness. I am one who reminds those who celebrate the winter solstice that now we are turning towards the light of dawning spring. Take heart, dear ones! “The light shines in the darkness and the darkness does not overcome it.” Yes, take heart, and shine!

Holiday: New Year’s
Council Suit

I am the One who ushers in the New Year. I stand on the threshold between past and future, one face looking backward and one face looking forward. January 1 is my holy day, a time to pause, look in the mirror, and reflect. I am the two-faced, ancient Roman goddess Jana, and I hold the key to the Wheel of the Year. Celebrate the New Year through my perspective and place a peacock feather on your altar so my eyes may watch over you.

Christmas Grinch
Committee Suit

I am one who always loved Christmas as a child. Christmas was magical! As a mother I decorated Christmas trees and the house, and made special foods my whole focus the month before the holiday. But some years I feel like the Grinch. I am one who resents the shopping in crowded stores, the umpteen people on my list and trying to find an original gift for each. Having 35 people over all day and evening is too much! So this year I am celebrating the 25th with my kids, then taking off for a beach/spa holiday with my immediate family. Aloha Santa!

My Heart Still Can Dream
Suit Unknown
New Jersey

I am one who harkens back to a time of nostalgic innocence. I am the one who believed in the magic of a sainted man, who could grant every wish. I am one who is unwavering in my belief that goodness, generosity and redemption exist in every heart. I am one who is "all grown up now... but my heart still can dream." What I say to you is... never stop believing in goodness.

Committee Suit

I am one who feels disconnected from the holiday traditions of my family. I am one who misses the rhythms of my youth, which brought a cadence of connection to family through the enactment of holiday ritual and routine. As life grew and changed, many of these traditions were lost as people died, rhythms changed, and the challenges of life got in the way of building healthy, solid, nurturing tradition. I am one who feels the season coming, and feels inspired and curious to build anew, to set down deeper roots, and to claim a new cadence.

Light Returns
(St Lucia Day is Dec 13th in Sweden)
Council Suit

I am one who carries a light in the darkness, a light of Spirit and Joy and Happiness. I delight that Winter's beauty is not always starkness, black and white. It is also bright red berries frozen in a clear pond. I am one who celebrates the colors and variations within the Darkness, and the sweet Light's return.

White Horse Companion
Suit Unknown

On this Solstice night I am the one who is waiting under the Sacred Oak. I will accompany you, as together, we search for the gifts of this night. On my back you can free yourself from your bindings. Your intuition will bring us to the place where your desires and aspirations will be made known. In the richness of this night, under the moon, the seeds for an elevating year of movement and abundance will be planted and blessed.

Suit Unknown

I Am The One attuned to Sacred Time. Who calibrates herself to season. Who welcomes the dark time for its wisdom and rest. Winter Solstice.

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January:  Animal Companions Suit
February:  Compassion
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January 3-5, 2020
Cat Caracelo

We are gathering a powerful circle of sisters at the beginning of a new year and as we enter into a new decade to activate our intentions, desires and destiny. We will dance with the Archetypal Wheel, calling in 13 energies that will guide a new phase of life, inspiring vision and lighting the way. This is a creative and experiential retreat offering divine time and using various materials and forms including Mixed Media, Paint, Collage, and modalities such as SoulCollage®, JourneyCircles™️ and more. All creative materials provided. This retreat is designed to inspire deep connection, verdant growth and rising life.

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Invite Your Daemons to Tea: A SoulCollage® Retreat on the "Shadow"
Big Sure, California (Esalen)
February 23-28, 2020
Facilitator: Mariabruna Sirabella

Your creativity, imagination and intuition will guide you in a stirring exploration of what C.G. Jung termed “Shadow”. You will “Invite your Daemons for Tea” to access the great reservoirs of golden energy hidden in “shadow” areas of the soul we tend to judge, fear, or ignore. Those secreted, yet necessary inner parts are a most potent source of change and freedom. Engaging them in a new relationship ignites a quiet revolution that brings gifts of choice and joy to the soul. Creating and using SoulCollage® cards together with poetry and movement will entice transformation in a respectful, inspiring environment.

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Glastonbury, England
April 25 – May 8, 2020
Facilitator: Cat Caracelo

Join Cat in 2020 as she travels to a place of myth and memories, where the landscape is a mirror of the Soul. Return to Avalon at Beltane, honoring the goddess at May Day festivities! Experience a dynamic, heart-centered time of renewal, discovery, depth and connection. Join with kindred women to embrace this sacred place, staying in a restored farmhouse, with two homes, orchard, view of the Tor and spa on site! Journey to sacred sites, explore the earth-based energies, honor the Goddess and make inspired art with SoulCollage® and more, in this all-inclusive retreat to Glastonbury, England and surrounding areas.

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SoulCollage® Retreat in Motion
Sardinia, Italy
June 18-25, 2020
Facilitator: Mariabruna Sirabella

Crystal clear seas, sandy beaches, granite rocks and verdant vegetation will be the setting for Mariabruna’s 2020 Annual Retreat in Motion on the island of Sardinia, Italy. Experience a full immersion into the sacred places and pristine nature of Sardinia. Experience transformation, new insights and fresh inspiration as you celebrate the Summer Solstice, practice SoulCollage®, and swim in pristine waters rejuvenating body and soul. Excursions to explore the natural and historical wonders of Sardinia will be interspersed with days of reflection, meditation, SoulCollage® and other creative activities.

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Soul Songs of the Spirit
Praia da Vitoria, Terceira Island, Azores, Portugal
Rescheduled for 2020
Facilitator: Lisa Schad, Robert Hitz

Lisa is co-creating this special transformational retreat with Improvisational Pianist and Master Teacher Robert Hitz. They have designed a unique retreat on a magical island in that interweaves music and SoulCollage®. Each day, Robert will lead the group in a series of personal/musical experiences through the elements of GRACE: Gratitude, Reverence, Awe, Connection and Enthusiasm. The music will be interwoven with SoulCollage® as participants give voice to the cards and themselves. You will also experience natural ocean pools, lava tubes, spirit houses, magical forests and quaint villages, along with the freshest seafood and most hospitable locals. This will be a magical opportunity to manifest your mermaid archetype in house and ocean pools. All supplies included.

Contact Lisa to be notified of new dates.

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