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Issue #110   August 2014 Theme:  Community Suit:  Heritage

Greetings, and welcome to Soul Songs, the official KaleidoSoul Newsletter, and the only monthly newsletter that focuses exclusively on SoulCollage® ideas, resources and artists.

Our intention is to fill each issue (and your life) with inspiration, soul-solace and delight. Whether you are new to SoulCollage®, or already immersed in the creation of your deck, Soul Songs is for you.

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Soul Singing with Anne Marie
Anne Marie, the creator of
Hi! I'm Anne Marie, the creator of, and a SoulCollage® facilitator in Massachusetts. If you're just starting to sing your song with SoulCollage®, this column is especially for you.

I am taking this month off from writing Soul Songs columns and will be back next month. I hope y'all enjoy Imelda's beautiful essay, below.

Anne Marie Bennett is a writer, self-taught artist, website goddess, cancer survivor, and SoulCollage® Facilitator / Trainer who was mentored directly by Seena Frost. In 2005, she fell in love with SoulCollage® and was inspired to use her professional experience along with Internet technology as a means to serve the world by putting SoulCollage® "out there" in a really big way with KaleidoSoul. Anne Marie lives in eastern Massachusetts with her middle-aged husband, an elderly cat and one youthful dog who keeps them all young. You can read more about how SoulCollage® assisted her on her cancer journey on her website SOS Cancer Journeyss.

Exploring the Mystery Cards in Your SoulCollage® Deck

60 minute SoulCollage® tele-class
with SoulCollage® Facilitator/Trainer
Anne Marie Bennett in Massachusetts

Sunday, August 24, 2014
5 pm Eastern

Do you have cards in your Deck that don't have anything to say to you yet? Unclassifiable cards? Cards that defy description? Cards that you're curious about or maybe even a little afraid of? We'll start with a discussion about these "Mystery Cards" (and trust me, we all have them), then Anne Marie will guide you through a unique journaling exercise that will help you go a little deeper into the meaning of your own Mystery Card.
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Guest Columnist: Imelda Maguire

Hello! I'm Imelda Maguire, SoulCollage® facilitator from Donegal, Ireland. Also a counselor and poet, my joy is in working with others in healing and creativity. This column is for those of you who have already made some cards & are ready to discover the symphony of voices inside of you and around you.

Honoring Your Heritage with SoulCollage®

I've been using SoulCollage® for over ten years, and have become aware as time passes, and as I allow cards to be created intuitively (or to create themselves, as some would say), new areas of my psyche constantly present themselves. Case in point - the emergence of a small but very meaningful group of cards, the significance of which has only become clear to me after some time. Each is related in some way to my Irish heritage.

I have no idea how many of us find that SoulCollage® connects us more deeply with our heritage, but I suspect that there will be quite a few. After all, the process brings to light all sorts of aspects of our selves, and parts of us are surely coloured by our history - personal, familial, cultural.

The beginning of my journey in this field was with the card I call The Hand of the Ancestor. This image is of the hand of a preserved 'bog-body' emerging from a landscape similar to that in which my father was brought up. In fact, such bodies had been found near to his homeplace.

This image seemed to beckon to me, to call to me. I am one who asks to be seen, to be acknowledged, to be honoured. I am the hand of your ancestors.

Sure enough, in time, my Race Memory of Hunger card emerged, using some drawings of victims of the Irish famine of the mid-1800s, and some images of potatoes, the crop whose failure caused mass-starvation and emigration. I found myself connecting deeply with the memory I did not know I held, of my ancestors somehow surviving that terrible time.

Other cards which draw on and honour my heritage contain images of the typical streets of my hometown in my childhood: one represents my Catholic heritage and another the craft of dressmaking which was the occupation of my maternal grandmother and aunts.

Naturally, it was when I was facilitating a class in Denmark that the most strikingly "Irish" card formed itself (complete with a map of Ireland found in a Danish magazine)! As with many of my cards, this one has been evolving in its message to me, but I feel it is very much linked with a sense of the spiritual destiny of my homeland - once the "Island of Saints and Scholars" - and a sense it may reclaim this status in the future. The card has become my visual "prayer for Ireland."

I am now on the lookout for images from Celtic mythology and history to build further on the story being told to me through my SoulCollage® deck. I'm really interested to know how others find their cards relate to their heritage. Please email me your own discoveries via my blog.

Imelda Maguire is a SoulCollage® facilitator from Donegal, Ireland. A counsellor, poet, Bach Flower Remedy practitioner, and creative-writing facilitator, her joy is in working with others, in witnessing a-ha moments and experiences of healing. She has been sharing SoulCollage® with groups since 2003, when she first discovered the process, and delights in others' excitement on meeting their Neters for the first time.


Once Upon A Mythos
with SoulCollage® Facilitator Cat Caracelo

Find the patterns, archetypes and symbols that speak to you, create with them and explore them more deeply as you develop your visual narrative. Your journey will continue to unfold in new ways as you follow the characters and elements from fairy tales, myth and story. Find your own stories emerging that will deepen understanding, delight your senses and inform your life! With expert guidance and counsel from SoulCollage® Facilitator Cat Caracelo, this is an experience that will enrich your SoulCollage® work and allow you to dive deeper into your own unique wisdom.

September 27 – November 2, 2014

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KaleidoSoul Creations
As promised, we are featuring SoulCollage® cards from our readers in each issue.

Each card below is a card that represents Heritage from one SoulCollager's Deck.

William Lawson / Culloden
Community Suit

I am the one who fought at Culloden, and I endured. I am the one who was sold into slavery in the Colonies, and I endured. I am the one who escaped and fought the British again in the Revolutionary War, and I endured. I am the one who models courage, ferocity, loyalty, determination...and endurance. I am the one whose physical and spiritual DNA flows in your veins...and so I endure.

Rivarolo Canavese
Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Community Suit- Roots

We are the ones who hold your ancient heritage. Your Italian roots are here, not to be forgotten. Come visit and learn where you came from. Sit in the great halls and explore the lanes where we your family walked and rode. Without us there is no you. Sit with us and listen to our stories.

Honoring My Ancestors
Committee Suit

I am the one who respects where I came from. I honor those who created community in even the harshest times, the survivors who have made my life possible. I am the one who holds dear in my heart a memorial to those who have gone before me, those who have blessed and enriched my life.

Appalachian Heritage

I am the one who is shaped by the values of my ancestors even though the times in which they lived are long gone. I am the one who passes on their down-to-earth approach to life on to my children.

Male Ancestors

We are the ones who are your male ancestors. We are the ones who represent your religious heritage, who fought for their women folk in wars, who tilled the soil in England and Scotland to feed their families, who had religious faith like a flame that lit up their lives.

A True American Committee
Kas Sobey

I am the one who reminds you of all the flavors you have that creates your own recipe. I am the one who is proud of the melting pot that you stir and that stirs you! I am the one who comes from fierceness, beauty and magic! I am the one who is an on-going masterpiece of so many that still reside in and around me. Thank you for honoring us on this card and in Spirit!


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KaleidoSoul Notes

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