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SoulCollage Card Making Supplies
Purchase your 5x8 mat boards here, as well as clear bags, and Surprise Packs of images for your SoulCollage® card making pleasure.

SoulCollage E-Books
E-Books on a wide variety of SoulCollage® topics, from simple card making tips to doing readings with your deck, and lots of fun stuff in between.

SoulCollage E-Courses
E-Courses that take you into a SoulCollage® topic in-depth. Learn more about each of the 4 suits, the transpersonal cards, and inspire your inner artist.
There's something here for everyone!
Kindred Spirits Membership
Connect with SoulCollagers worldwide. Benefits include weekly inspiration, monthly SoulCollage® Tele-Classes and 50% discounts on SoulCollage® e-Books & e-Courses.
Magical Inner Journeys Meditations
Unplug from your life's many distractions and plug into self and Spirit with these popular guided meditations. Gather inspiration for your SoulCollage® work! Available in 3 formats: CD, mp3 download, transcript.
Free Stuff
That's right... we believe in good old fashioned giving here at KaleidoSoul! Click on the image to the left to download 3 free e-books, and 3 free e-courses.
Oasis Audio Breaks
Set of 10 unique audio breaks that are short, imaginative Guided Imagery recordings. Click and listen to one in the middle of a busy, chaotic day and let yourself breathe peace and renewal into any kind of stress you are experiencing. Available as audio downloads, to listen online, written scripts, and all of the above!
SoulCollage Learning Packages
The insights start here! We currently have 2 courses available: Intro to SoulCollage, and How to Build a SoulCollage Deck. All classes are self-paced, with audios, handouts, community and more!
Spirit Satchels
Beautiful fabric envelopes... a perfect home for your SoulCollage cards! Each one has 2 pockets: one deep, and one shallow. The shallow pocket holds about 30 SoulCollage cards. The deeper pocket holds about 40. Handcrafted by a fabric artist in San Diego
SoulCollage Audios
Listen online or download these recordings that will give you insights into the SoulCollage® process. Learn more about the suits, writing with your cards, doing card readings, and more. Informative, enjoyable, and motivation
Gift Certificates
Purchase a KaleidoSoul Gift Certificate (redeemable through Paypal) for a loved one who is passionate about SoulCollage! You choose the denomination. Simple and quick. The gift that every SoulCollager loves.
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